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Gear Drive Tote Bridge Mixers

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Sanitary Tote Bridge Mixers
Corrosion Resistant IBC Agitators

Exotic alloy (hast c, alloy 20, titanium, AL6XN) mixers and Non-Metallic agitators consisting of metal free wetted parts like PTFE/Teflon, PVDF/Kynar, PP/Polypropylene, PE/Polyethylene and we offer a variety of coatings and solid shaft/impeller assemblies in fluoropolymers.

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Bridge/Bracket Mount IBC Tote Mixer
Ultra heavy duty, great for top entry gear drive mixers for tote tanks!

  • Air or Electric Bracket Mount IBC Tote Mixer
  • Suited for PE poly IBC Totes and Stainless Steel Totes in volumes from 275-575gallons
  • Large folding mixing impellers fit 6” screw cap tote opening and open up during mixing
  • 350rpm (variable speed with air motors or optional electric speed controller) mixer speed provides high bulk flow, with good torque and low shear blending
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Tired of “poor quality” gear drive IBC Tote Mixers?
Some of the features of White Mountain Process Tote Tank Agitators:

  • Oversized and most durable gearbox — lubricated for life
  • Huge output shaft and bearings for robust shaft support
  • Dual large 12″ folding impellers
  • 316L stainless steel shaft/impellers with sanitary style finish
  • Modular tote bridge design
  • Nothing like the disposable mixer models in catalog houses, these are engineered mixers with huge safety factors
  • Fast mixer shipment – most ship in 48 hours after order
  • Technical support for mixing results and help with sizing if needed, lab testing etc.
  • Process guarantees for mixing performance available
  • Plug and play accessories for air mixer motors = Air Mixer Accessories
  • High end variable speed digital controller and wiring/disconnects = Mixer Speed Controller

Happy to quote any custom IBC agitator to your specs – sanitary/biopharma/mixtank packages/custom controls etc. Contact WMProcess at 800-737-9619 or Contact Us

bridge mount tote    bridge mount tote

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