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Sanitary Laboratory & Carboy Mixers

Standard and Custom Built To Your Specs

White Mountain Process offers a complete assortment of mixers to suit the most stringent specifications. Our most popular mixers are shown below. Be sure to contact us for assistance if you need a custom mixing system for your specific lab mixing needs. Many mix tank systems or lab mixers can be modified to suit your application.

Sanitary Mixers

Our ultra heavy-duty laboratory overhead sanitary mixers offer the very best in powerful, sanitary mixing. Designed with versatility in mind, this mixer uses 316Lss wetted parts and can accept 1 – 20 liters batches, or one gallon of viscous product. It also includes a wide range of options for mixing speeds and impeller styles, so you can design to suit your specific application.

Some of the specifications of our Sanitary Mixers include:

  • 90 watt motor (standard)
  • Various speed ranges, from high torque gear drive, low shear, to high speed higher shear
  • 316Lss shaft – ¾” diameter
  • 316Lss mixing impeller
  • Mixer stand included
  • Manual up/down adjustment
  • ptional 110 volt Variable Speed Controller
  • Nema 4, Digital Display
  • Prewired with disconnect plugs


Laboratory Carboy Mixers


Single Use Lab Mixer SINGLE USE LAB MIXER 2 1


White Mountain Process is your one-stop resource when it comes to biopharmaceuticals and bio mixing & blending. We’ll guide you through the necessary guidelines to develop a system to perfectly mix or blend media for biopharma, food, cosmetics and similar applications.

Autoclavable and portable, our bio mixers and bio agitators are specifically designed for pharmaceutical mixing and blending. These high-quality mixers arrive ready to ship, and feature our 2” TC connection, as well as sanitary mechanical seal for closed mixtank applications. You’ll find the removable agitator motor makes autoclaving and transporting simpler.

As an added service to our customers, we also provide cGMP documents, such as FDA, USP VI and MTRs on all polished stainless, making it easier for your lab to access important information when it comes to lab mixing.

You’ll also be happy to know we can replace any existing bio mixer drive or housing, if needed. We service our own mixers, and in many cases, others as well.

Other features include:

  • Electropolish and passivation
  • USP VI PTFE and PP agitator shaft and impeller are optional
  • USP VI PP poly mixtank and stainless process vessesl assistance, as required
  • Biopharma-ready mechanical seal for any shaft size
  • All documentation included
  • RoHS motor with various speed ranges
  • Speed controller options, including PLC control


Single Use Lab Mixer

Eliminate cleaning and CIP with a our Single Use Mixer!

For top-quality, single-use mixing systems, contact White Mountain Process. Our single use mixers are erfect for biotech, pharmaceutical mixing, medical and other aseptic mixing and blending applications. Our customers find this system to be flexible, reliable, sanitary and remarkably easy to use.

Our Single Use Mixers can mix from ½ liter to 200 liters – with a single mixer. If more is required, we’ve designed our systems to be flexible enough to mix up to 5,000 liters with the same mixing action, even when using traditional mixing impellers.

This offers a simpler alternative to difficult-to-manage single use bags and tank liners commonly used in the industry. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you – this is no cheap, flimsy mixer. Our engineered lab mixer and tank systems meet high industry standards, and offer mixing impellers which can scale up or down. This means our single use mixers can be used for either pilot plant or production mixing processes, and other applications.

You’ll also be glad to know that like other WMProcess products, our Poly USP VI Mixing tank may be customized to suit your specific application. Choose to include tank baffles or not; order TC fittings welded to suit, and choose between other features such as dip tubes, vent filters and outlet valves, to be included if needed.

Contact White Mountain Process to discuss your project and intended applications. We can help you design a system unique to your needs, or a mixer flexible enough to mix a variety of media for nearly any imaginable application.

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