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Lab & Production High Shear Mixer-Homogenizers

  • Tired of poor homogenizer selection?
  • Integrated package scan includes high shear mixer, mixing vessel, controls and all up front design per your specifications.
  • Multi-shaft agitators, including high viscous mixing systems with high shear blending are our specialty – ask us to quote any custom units we respond fast.

White Mountain Process is a supplier of industrial mixers and sanitary agitators, including high shear lab mixers and production scale homogenizers. Our offering includes: high shear lab stirrers, lab high speed dispersers, bottom entry high shear magmixers, tissue homogenizers, sophisticated multi-shaft agitator systems, and multi-motion mixer and vessel packages, engineering services to help design the proper blending system to meet process requirements.

  • Mixer speed controller
  • Top entry high shear mixers
  • Bottom entry high shear agitation
  • Multishaft blending systems for high viscosity products
  • mixing tank, poly or stainless
  • Sealed mixers for use in pressure vessels and vacuum homogenizing
  • Magnetic mixers with high shear rotor/stator

WMProcess Top Entry Shear Mixers provide high speed, and high shear vigorous mixing action.

This style of mixer is used to dissolve difficult to wet out powders and gums into liquids, which require a shearing action to dissolve lumps, fish eyes, and break up clumps.

The mixer is a sanitary top entry style mixer, with a stainless steel mount and oversized bearings for maximum mixer durability. High shear mixers can be packaged with a mixing vessel, or combined with anchor style sweep agitators for more complex blending situation. Multiple high shear blades and mixing heads are available depending on the application, including squirrel cage and high shear disperser blades.

Typical high shear mixer applications, for single shaft high shear tank mixer:

  • High shear mixing for viscosities up to 15,000 cps (consult factory for higher viscosities)
  • Blending and dissolving of difficult-to-wet solids and powders into liquids
  • Break up clumping powders, fish eyes, and lumps
  • Typical mixer operating speed: 1750rpm, 3600rpm, and 10:1 turndown ratios with mixer speed controller

Typical Products mixed with high shear agitation:

  • Purees and smoothies
  • Dispersions and emulsions
  • Gels and creams

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