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Multi Shaft High Viscosity Mixers

Multi Shaft high viscosity mixers are available in Offset Mount (separate mixer drives) and Concentric Mount (both mixer drives mounted in center) arrangements. Typically, a Dual Shaft high viscosity Agitator or Triple Shaft Mixer is used in blending applications where more than one mixing action is needed. The most common is the anchor slow speed paddle (often a Teflon wall scraper anchor) and a turbine agitator or high shear mixer. Multi agitator mix tanks offer great blending capability for higher viscosity mixtures and allow processors to handle a wider variety of products.

For high viscosity blending applications, multiple flow impellers are arranged to assure complete product movement, very uniform heating and cooling with jacketed vessels and mixing with no dead zones.

High Viscosity Mixer Models we offer:

  • Dual Shaft or offset mount dual motion mixer – a Dual Shaft mixer uses a center mounted low speed shaft with an offset high speed shaft. The Dual Shaft Agitator will handle a good majority viscous mixing applications.
  • Concentric Dual Shaft or concentric mount dual motion mixer – a Concentric shaft mixer uses a center mount hollow low speed shaft, with the high speed shaft in the center as well. The high speed disperser or agitator blade can be larger than on an offset high speed design so for an application which requires more shear this would be a benefit.
  • Triple Shaft or offset mount triple motion mixer – The Triple Shaft mixer is similar to the Dual Shaft design, the difference is the addition of second offset high speed shaft. The two high speed shafts are located opposite each other. It is very typical to use a high speed agitator impeller for bulk flow and a high shear disperser for high tip speed. Sometimes a rotor/stator high shear mixer is used or a squirrel cage type shearing head. Having two high speed shafts allows for very rapid solids dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization of the batch.
  • Concentric Triple Shaft or concentric mount triple motion mixer:
  • Sweep anchor with baffle – this is often a way to save capital cost and utilize a single anchor paddle agitator and use a baffle to help provide the bulk blending and uniformity needed.
  • Bottom Entry High Shear – this design is commonly used with the concentric triple shaft style agitator.
  • Dual motion horizontal scraped surface ribbon blender – this is a horizontal blender typically used for viscous food processing.
  • Teflon PTFE wall scraper on the anchor – a PTFE sweep blade scrapes the tank wall which provides excellent heat transfer and continually cleans the wall from sticky fluids.
  • Heating and cooling jacket – for temperature control of the mixture.

Typical operating speeds of multi agitators are:

  • Anchor Wall Scraper: 5-30 RPM
  • Top Entry Turbine Agitator: 50-350 RPM
  • High Shear Mixer Disperser: 1750 RPM / 3600 RPM
  • Bottom Entry High Shear Mixer Homogenizer: 1750 RPM / 3600 RPM


  • 25gal -5000gal size ranges
  • Dual shaft mixer with high torque anchor paddle and agitator or high speed disperser
  • Triple shaft agitation, teflon scraper anchor mixer, turbine agitator and high shear mixer (top or bottom entry high shear available)
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • TEFC inverter duty motors
  • Stainless steel sanitary tank, single wall and jacketed for heating and cooling


  • XP Explosion proof or air operated motors
  • Teflon wall scrapers
  • Multiple impeller options
  • Mixer speed controllers
  • Custom mixing vessel, outlet valves, pump, jacket for heating/cooling


Fair prices and proper delivery times are available in high viscosity mixer and vessel systems. You can and should also expect courteous and proper response and timely quotes that you require. Multi-Shaft Mixers are commonly used for mixing high viscosity and difficult to mix ingredients. A typical high viscosity agitator design has a center mount low speed Anchor Paddle Sweep blade which sweeps the mix vessel wall. The second mixer is typically a higher speed agitator or disperser. The high speed mix impeller or blade provides high shear mixing to rapidly disperse or dissolve the additive solid or powder ingredients. The low speed anchor provides mass and bulk blending and feeds the high speed impeller by blending and moving the liquid media in the vessel. This mixing action improves product uniformity by providing side to side and top to bottom mixing, by scraping the vessel walls with the anchor, and also provides very efficient heat transfer within the mixture if heating or cooling via a jacket on the tank. Multi shaft mixers are usually used to mix medium to high viscosity products, sticky mixtures and difficult to blend batches.

A high viscosity mixer or high viscosity disperser produces limited flow for viscous products. The low speed Anchor/Paddle blade is necessary to produce a uniform and homogeneous mixture. Anchor blades are often equipped with Teflon PTFE scrapers to sweep/scrape the vessel wall to avoid sticking and cooking if heating in the kettle. High viscosity mixers are also used with low viscosity products when scraping the vessel wall is beneficial and multi agitation with high shear mixing produces the desired results. Applications for these mixers include mixing and processing of viscous creams, sanitary and cosmetic lotions, vacuum mixing and deaeration of ointments, inks, adhesives, paints, sealants, caulks, slurries, toothpastes…

A variety of impellers can be used with the anchor and many impeller ideas can be found here.

Typical Mixtures made in multi shaft mix tanks:

  • Cosmetics, high viscosity creams, lotions, ointments
  • Heavy Concentrates
  • Purees and Slurries
  • Shortening and Pastes
  • Smoothies and Thicker Beverages

White Mountain Process offers high volume production Multi Agitator Systems to very small scale lab multi-shaft mixing systems for bench scale processing and lab blending. Our specialty is sanitary and industrial mixing and blending and we are happy to quote any custom or special requirements you might have.

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