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Packages and Systems

White Mountain Process offers a full range of Tank Mixer Systems, Tote Cleaning Systems and Carboy Rinse Stations. These provide greater efficiency and easier set-up for a variety of applications.

Tank Mixer Systems

Our blending systems are designed to work with your specifications and intended use. We can either work with your engineering, or help you design a system to meet your needs. We offer poly mixtank or stainless mixing tank packages to help you meet mixing and sanitary requirements.

Based on the mixing application, desired result, batch size and viscosity of media, we can help you design a complete system, from tank to mixer. Our knowledgeable team will offer suggestions based on your specifications, so you’ll have excellent equipment designed to produce excellent results.

Our specialists are familiar with a broad range of mixing applications. We offer complete mixtank systems which include mixers, stands and everything in between for nearly any imaginable medium to small batch application. These provide complete solutions for industries such as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Biopharma
  • Food, beverage mixing and dairy processors and mixers
  • Cosmetic mixing and systems
  • Beverage mixing and blending
  • Mixing systems for energy, oil and gas drilling fluids (drilling muds)
  • Ethanol, biofuels and biodiesel
  • Mixing systems used in the mining industry
  • Paints, pigments, inks and coatings
  • Water treatment

Tote Cleaning Systems

Dramatically increase your cleaning efficiencies while keeping your IBC containers on site. Our tote cleaning systems can help you effectively and quickly clean your tote tanks and containers with a turn-key, easy to install system.

Why use costly outside services when you can clean yourself? Our Tote Cleaning Systems effectively clean IBC plastic totes, 55 gallon drums and any other process vessels thoroughly and quickly. This high performance system is easy to install and will help you save money on outside cleaning costs, as well as shipping. Simply install the pump and hook up your supply line, and clean.

Carboy Rinse

White Mountain Process’ Carboy Rinse Station allows you to clean your mix tanks, vessels, drums and containers for smaller tanks and containers. Great for poly tanks used in biopharma and Buffer prep and salt solution labs, this rinse station will effectively clean up to 50 gallon tanks.

White Mountain Process has equipped many different types of companies with the specific mixing systems they need for highly efficient processing. We have the expertise to help you design a quality system, as well as serving as a one-stop resource for all of your mixing equipment and cleaning needs.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to quality and good service. We offer solutions that make mixing more convenience and cost effective. Contact us for new equipment, replacement parts, service questions, cleaning and rinse stations and more.

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