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Tri-Clamp Mixers

Mixers with flange, ferrule or tri-clamp mounts for your sanitary environment – built to your specs

Tri-Clamp Sanitary Mixers & Agitators for Closed Vessel Systems

  • cGMP mixers for use on poly and stainless steel mixtanks
  • Top and bottom entry mixers
  • Sealed mixers for vapor tight, low pressure, and high pressure applications
  • Aseptic mechanical seals to suit your requirements
  • Laboratory to production size sanitary agitators
  • Engineering assistance to assure the best mixer to suit your vessel

White Mountain Process has top and bottom entry mixers agitators to fit:

  • Tri Clamp fitting
  • Sanitary Ferrule
  • Ansi Flange
  • Tank fitting
  • Tank bottom flange
  • Vessel tri clamp fitting
  • Tank NA Connect
  • Poly tank Terraport

Tri Clamp Ferrule Mounts are very common on sanitary and biopharma tanks and vessels.   WMProcess specialty is sanitary mixers with TC connections and flange mounts, and integrated GMP lip seal or mechanical seal for vapor tight and pressurized reactor applications.

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