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teflon coated impeller teflon plastic impeller

Are you looking for NON-METALLIC mixing assemblies which are also HIGH PURITY?

Are you tired of crappy plastic impeller coatings which peel and flake? WMProcess specializes in exotic alloy and flouropolymer mixing equipment.

  • USP VI plastics – PE, PP and PVDF agitators and impellers
  • Disposable mixing assemblies
  • High purity agitators for biopharma and semi-conductor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fluoropolymers or exotic alloys for mixers, agitators, mechanical seals, blenders
  • USP VI certified, and ISO 10993 Biocompatibility Tested

What type of mixing and blending equipment is available in high purity fluoropolymer plastics, for non-metallic mixing systems?


Disposable poly shaft/impellers in USP VI materials


Production agitators with exotic alloy materials like Hast C and Titanium, electropolished 316Lss, or plastic impeller and shaft assemblies in polyethylene, polypropylene and Kynar, PVDF.


Blending tanks in USP VI PP and PVDF and FDA PE


More complex systems with valves and piping in high purity non-metallic fluoropolymers and plastics.

Corrosion Resistant Agitators and Mixers

Fluoropolymer and Teflon mixing assemblies are used regularly for non-metallic mixing application, corrosive blending and for an inert agitator for cGMP biopharma mixing tanks. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) can be used under the most adverse conditions, it is very corrosion resistant and easy to clean. This high performance coating is insoluble, non-contaminating and has exceptional thermal resistance. It is easy to clean, does not scratch other surfaces and is unbreakable.  We also offer custom built Teflon, Kynar and PP poly/plastic mixing assemblies and offer USP VI certs on the coatings for biopharma blending applications.

–These custom build assemblies start at $1000. USD

plastic and teflon mixing assemblies

Poly Mixer and Non-Metallic Agitators

poly mixer non metallic agitator rotated e1596536278892

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