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oil drilling


Drilling Fluid, sometimes referred to as “drilling mud” is important to keep drill cuttings suspended and carried up to the surface and to keep the drill bit lubricated.  The drilling fluid also keeps the bore hole stable and prevents cave-ins.

Synthetic Drilling Fluids are used to replace either natural clay fluid or Bentonite in drilling operations.  The viscosity can carefully be controlled with additives to keep the cuttings suspended while allowing them to settle out in pit quickly to recover the drilling fluid for reuse.

Synthetic Drilling Fluids need to be adequately mixed (dispersed or blended) or the following problems may occur:

  • Rock cuttings may settle in the bore hole and seize the drill bit.
  • Inefficient settling in the pit causing operating delays.
  • Drill bits may be inadequately cooled and lubricated causing premature failures.
  • Low viscosity can cause high rates of fluid loss through porous materials.
  • Proper mixing of Drilling Fluids need to use mixers with appropriate mixing blades and tank configuration.

Drilling fluids are usually moderately high in viscosity so aggressive pumping action is important to ensure complete mixing of the solution.  Additives are used in small ratios so complete homogenous mixing is required to ensure the entire Drilling Fluid batch has the appropriate fluid characteristics. Some of the additives may need higher shear mixing to be dispersed properly.

POTENTIAL WMProcess mixers that could be used:

TOP ENTRY MIXER – for open top tanks, or closed sealed vessels

IBC TOTE TANK AGITATOR – for poly or stainless totes, we offer a quick disconnect agitator design for stainless bulk containers so you can transport the container with the mixing assembly in place, and just remove the motor/drive assembly

SIDE ENTRY MIXER – typically for large bulk storage tanks

HIGH SHEAR MIXER, AND MULTISHAFT/MULTIMOTION AGITATOR DESIGNS – for more complex mixtures which required high shear for dispersing/dissolving or for higher viscosity solutions

Please call us to discuss your particular Drilling Fluid Application with our Mixing Experts.

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