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Biopharma Mixers and Blenders

We understand cGMP requirements and FDA and USP VI compliance on biopharm mixer components are standard procedure for White Mountain Process agitators.

From the light weight compact autoclave mixer used on small poly bioprocess vessels and lab scale stainless tanks, to pilot plant and production mixers WMProcess offers help with Bioreactors and Fermenters, Media Prep Mixtanks, Buffer Prep Agitated Vessels and Chromotography Mixer/Tank Packages.

  • Chromatography resin mixtanks (chrome slurry mixing agitation)
  • Buffer prep mixing and solids dissolving
  • Media prep agitation and solids dispersing/dissolving
  • Fermentation and cell culture agitation
  • Bioreactor mixers
  • Sanitary mixers in top entry, bottom entry, open tank, closed sealed tank and mag drive mixer technology
  • Stainless steel sanitary mixtanks and poly plastic process blending vessels in USP VI
  • NEW — Mag drive bottom mount mixer (sealless and aseptic) on USP VI poly tanks

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