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Specialty Paints, Inks & Pigments

Mixing and Dispersing Paints, Inks, Dyes and Coatings

  • Mixing and suspending paints and coatings in 55gal drums and 275gallon IBC totes
  • Dispersing high solids pigments and oil based paints.
  • Low Shear Mixing and Blending of latex paint
  • Electronic Coating Mixing, E coating agitation
  • Fumed Silica Dispersing and Blending
  • Inkjet mixing make up and particle sizing
  • Lithographic Paste high viscosity blending
  • Blend mulch dye and pigment in IBC totes
  • Disperse and homogenize pigments and additives like clay, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Pigments, Calcium Carbonate

Top entry batch mixers, bottom entry mixers, inline mixing and homogenizing, low shear blending, high shear dispersing and emulsifying, lab and pilot scale mixers and large high output production mixers and agitators all from WMProcess Mixers.

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