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pd adjust sytem

pH adjust is a very common application for industrial top entry agitators.  pH Adjusted Agitated Tanks are used primarily in mixing chemicals into effluent water streams, and can be done continuously via inline static mixers, or with batch mixing vessels.   Acidity/Basicity control is critical for assuring the downstream processes, which usually include mixing polymers and flocculants, with top mounted mechanical agitation and a polyethylene or stainless steel vessel.

The types of tanks used are primarily;

A metering pump is typically dosing a pH adjusting solution based on measured pH levels.  Efficient mixing is essential to ensure the appropriate amount of adjustment chemicals are added to the water.  The pumping rate of a system is determined by the inflow of water and the efficiency of the mixing system.  A highly efficient mixing system will allow higher pumping rates for lower capital costs.

Example of water effluent streams that are candidates for treatment with agitated tank pH Adjustment:

  • CIP Waste from Pharma Manufacturing
  • Biotech Laboratories
  • Semiconductor Acid Waste Neutralization
  • University / R+D / Pilot Plant Laboratories
  • Heavy Metals Reduction

Here at White Mountain Process, our experts work closely with the system providers and end user to ensure the most effective mixing and blending equipment is supplied to optimize the additive addition.

Rugged mixer design for 24/7 operation

  • Proper wetted materials of contruction to handle the chemistry
  • Vapor tite designs for odor control
  • Help with tank geometry, and optimal mixer sizing for mix results and cost optimization

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