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Top Entry Flange Mount Mixers


  • Turbine Agitators from small to large scale tanks and mix vessels
  • Top Entry Mixers in electric, air operated, hydraulic, and XP explosion proof
  • Agitators with open top bridge mount, flanged, tri clamp mounts available
  • Mechanical seals to suit from lip seal, single seal, double seal, gas seal, packing
  • TURBINE AGITATOR AND TANK PACKAGES – Stainless Steel and Plastic Tank options


A top entry mixer can mean many things. If you advise us exactly what you are looking for we are happy to help.

Here is the typical process data required to properly choose the right top entry mixer agitator – if you can send us as much of this type of data as possible we will respond immediately with some top entry mixer suggestions and prices for you.

  • what do you want to mix
  • mixture viscosity and sg and solids %
  • describe the mixer results desired
  • tank size, dimensions, and min/max mixed volume (do you have a tank drawing to provide)
  • mixer agitator materials of construction (ie: stainless wetted mixer parts)
  • top entry mixer style (6″ tote screw cap, bracket mount, stainless lid mount, clamp mount)
  • do you need a tank with your mixer
  • air or electric motor
  • direct or gear drive agitator desired, or vendor to choose
  • price range desired is helpful
  • how will you mount the mixer (plate mount, bridge mount, c clamp, flange or TC connection, mixer on a stand)
  • if you need a tank please advise plastic or stainless
  • single or dual mixing impellers
  • any other pertinent process information, mixture info, or specifics that may be helpful to size the right mixer.

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