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mag mixer sanitary

  • FAST DELIVERY  – complete cGMP Magmixer/Tank package 6 weeks typical
  • ASEPTIC MIXING – bottom mount mag drive mixer, ultraclean and easy CIP
  • LOW LEVEL AGITATION – mix to very small volumes
  • MIXING VARIETY – Low shear blending, high speed agitation, and high shear mixing available

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Benefits of a bottom entry magnetic mixer over a top entry tank:

  • Process purity – eliminate the risk of particles or shavings falling from the overhead bearings or seals used in top entry mixers.
  • Productivity – bottom entry industrial mixers are typically 1 to 6 times quicker to achieve full mixing versus a top entry tank mixer. The aseptic design of a bottom entry magnetic mixer promotes an ideal vortex for effective and efficient ultralow blending capabilities. A bottom entry chemical mixer enables mixing while draining the contents ensuring uniform mixing throughout the batch.
  • Easier to clean in place solution with a bottom entry tank mixer versus trying to clean the mixer agitator and shaft of a top entry chemical mixer.
  • Easier handling and operating – top entry chemical mixers demand heavy infrastructure to support and hold the heavy overhead motor. No top entry means more overhead space – easier for operator to handle and reduces safety concerns.

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