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Autoclave Bio Mixer

Biopharma ready mixer is ideal for:

  • Biological and pharmaceutical blending processes
  • Sanitary mixing duties, fits TC sanitary ferrule
  • Mobile vessel applications
  • Agitator is light weight and ergonomic

Agitator Designed for Sanitary Environments

  • Autoclavable-in-place (lower mixing assembly)
  • USP VI Lip Seal or Mechanical Seal
  • Easy to install on sanitary flanged vessels
  • Mixer seals vessel to minimize contamination

Versatile Mixing System

  • Single detachable drive head mixes multiple vessels
  • Any mixing impellers available including fabricated bioprops
  • Variety of drive systems to choose from, and output speed ranges
  • Low and high shear blending availabl, lab-pilot plant-production
  • All mixers are test run, QC, and come with GMP document packages.

biomaster sanitary

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