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Orbital Laboratory Shakers

We offer an array of shakers, from benchtop and single-use bag to heavy-duty floor models, and more. Our shakers feature variable settings, perfect for blending buffers, proteins, chromatography slurries, and other bioprocess applications.

orbital shaker

Orbital Shakers from White Mountain Process

Our Orbital Shakers are perfect for blending buffers, proteins, chromatography slurries and a great choice for mixing with either carboys or single use bags.

Orbital Lab Shakers are known for their ability to provide low shear and gentle blending, to more vigorous shaking and mixing action. Shakers are heavy duty and robust, easy to use, and extremely effective at mixing very quickly and uniformly.

Orbital Shakers typical options we can provide:

  • Biopharma ready, complete documentation packages, IQ/OQ optional, FAT testing optional.
  • Heavy Duty Large Volume Mixing and Small Volume blending
  • Fixed Speed or Variable Speed / High or Low Speed
  • Variable Speed digital display with digital countdown timer
  • Temperature controlled top plate typical
  • Explosion Proof and Hazardous Duty motors available
  • Remote Control Operation available
  • All Stainless Steel Models
    Incubator High Humidity and CO2 gassed models
Benchtop Shakers
Benchtop Shakers
carboy orbital shaker
Single Use Bag Shakers
Medium Duty Shakers
Medium Duty Shakers

Also Available! High Capacity Incubator Shaking Systems


High Capacity Refrigerated CO2 Incubator Shaking System utilize integrated, independently controlled shaking or vortexing platforms with programmable speed settings. This unit has a stainless-steel environmental chamber with programmable temperature and CO2 control as well as monitor humidity through the 12″ HMI touch screen panel. Ethernet and USB ports allow for access to data logs on the HMI and internal UPS systems can be added for safeguard against power interruptions. This shaker can be customized with grow lights, internal cameras, glass front door, high temp version, and additional sensors; contact WM Process for more information.

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