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White Mountain Process offers the following process engineering services please call us at 1-800-487-0778 or email

Process Engineering, Modeling and Simulation
Blending System Design and Specification
Mixer Lab Testing to Optimize Scale Up or Down
3D Engineered Concept Drawing
Control System Process design, automation, and P&IDs

Engineering And Consulting Service For Mixtanks, Agitators, Or Blending Systems

We can advise approximate timing for your particular project, or engineering time for concept drawings etc.

Process Engineering Services

The purpose of this article is to outline the engineering services White Mountain Process (WMP) can offer and whether or not those services can help. Poorly designed mixing processes can lead to inefficient mixing, non-homogenous mixtures, long process times, product contamination, tank failures, and out of specification products. Upfront design costs are small when compared to expensive post production fixes.

There are many parameters to consider when designing a mixing system such as types of materials of construction, what mixers are appropriate, and proper scale up calculations. The wrong type of tank material can lead to leaks and product contamination. Some products may require multi-shaft mixers if the viscosity is too high. Different products require different types of impellers and shear force for proper mixing. Heat transfer considerations also need to be taken into account especially with high shear mixing in plastic tanks which require a cooling circuit.

WMP offers a wide range of engineering services to help with the design and specification of mixing applications.

Our services include:


  • Initial visit and overview of equipment to meet your needs.
  • Mixing, Tank, Mixing Drive, Impeller Calculations.
  • Materials of Construction (HDPE, PP, PTFE, or Stainless)
  • Disperser type (High vs Low Shear, Single vs Multi-shaft)
  • Tank and Impeller Design
  • Lab testing and scale up calculations.
  • Detailed Report with recommendations.
  • P&ID for the processes considered.
  • Control System Process Design

A short phone call can determine the level of services which might be appropriate.

Mix tank System Consulting Services/Engineering Assistance We offer up front engineering and 3D concept drawings for any mixtank package and apply those costs if you decide to purchase from us.

Services include:


  • CFD – computational fluid dynamics on mix tanks and agitators
  • Scale up and scale down mixing services/recommendations
  • Lab scale testing and particle analysis, rheology testing on mixtures
  • Independent mixer consulting, and Riboflavin CIP testing on mixtank packages
  • Used equipment evaluations
  • White Mountain Process is a global leader in mixers, agitators, and mix tank packages.
  • Industries we serve include industrial, sanitary, and medical manufactuers including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Care, Cosmetic, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Industrial Processing, Fine Chemicals, Biofuels, Biomass, Biodiesel, and other fine industries.

Some of our equipment includes:


  • Agitators and BioProcess Mixing Equipment
  • Blending Systems
  • Blending and Mixing Reactors
  • Brewery Agitators
  • Custom Mixtank Packages
  • Drum Mixers and Pumps
  • Fermentation Agitated Vessels
  • Food Process Mix-Tank
  • IBC Tote Agitators
  • Mixing Kettles
  • Melter and Agitation Systems
  • Pharma Process Equipment
  • Pressure Vessel with top or bottom entry agitation
  • Paint and Coatings Mix Tanks
  • Process Systems and Equipment
  • Transportable Mix IBC Totes

Click Here For High Purity Mixing Tank Package 3d Drawing

QC and Quality assurance Documentations We Offer For Our Mixing Tank Packages

For sanitary and biopharma mixing tank packages we supply complete documentation packages for cGMP and offer the following which can be inclusive of a project or quoted as options.

FAT ( Factory Acceptance Test)
Mixing Tests videotaped and documented
cGMP documentation (Good Manufacturing Practice)
USP VI and FDA certs on elastomers and poly tanks, Teflon mixer coatings
Complete Documentation for Validation per your specs
Weld Procedures (WPS) for metal mixtanks
Weld Maps and Logs for stainless mixers and tanks
Complete documentation for Poly tanks – FDA and USP VI compliant
Dye Penetrant and X-Ray Log for metal vessels
Passivation Procedure and Certification
Electropolishing Procedure/Certification
Hydrostatic Testing Procedure and Report
CIP Ribo Testing (Riboflavin) and reports – stainless and poly mixtanks
Profilometer Surface Finish Test/Ra Map/Ra Certification
Mill Test Reports (MTR), Certificates of Compliance, Material certs
Required Calculations (pressure, temperature, seismic, wind load)
Component catalog cut sheets, spare parts list, operation and maintenance manuals

We review and can comply to your specifications – just let us know

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