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WMProcess Flush Mount TC Connects

For no deadleg sterile mix tank applications (also includes information on TC fittings, Tri Clamp connections)

WMP Flush Mount Poly TC Connect is the answer to improve mixtank cleanability and provide a more robust TC fitting which is flush mount for non metallic vessels.   With our specialty in sanitary and cGMP mixing tanks, we only offer welded tank fittings for poly process vessels, we NEVER use bulkhead fittings often used by catalog tank houses.   While most ports on a process vessel are TC sanitary fittings, utilizing a Poly TC Connect provide a much more sanitary and easy to clean fitting.

Features & Benefits WMP Poly TC Connect

  • Easy to clean, CIP, and sterilize
  • Eliminate deadlegs and product hold up areas
  • Robust design proven for biopharma use on sterile mixing applications
  • Riboflavin testing and CIP protocol development available

Traditionally, non metallic vessels that need to be sanitary are fitted with thin walled, welded sanitary TC fittings.   The WMP Poly Connect is machined from solid FDA/USP class VI compliant polypropylene (USP VI PP) bar stock.   FDA PE and USP VI PVDF are also common poly materials we use on mixtanks.  Non metallic sanitary TC fittings protrude outward from the tank wall several inches, which provides a dead zone for product, and  can lead the fitting vulnerable to impact.  WMP Poly Connect is a low profile welded port that is low profile, so minimizes product volume in the fitting.

Non-metallic sanitary fittings can have fragile thin wall flange area for sealing, the WMP poly TC connect houses the sealing area within the fitting so it is very robust, and protects it from impact.   Users are often familiar with NA and TK connects for stainless steel mixtanks, these poly connects allow users to apply the same aseptic practices to plastic process vessels.

Sanitary users are trying to improve cleanability and sterilization of process equipment including tanks, vessels, and mixers.  By reducing hold up volume and eliminating product dead legs you take a big step in making agitated vessels easier to clean, and easier to CIP.    Poly TC flush connectors can be used on tank bottom drains, on side mount ports for sampling and probes, and top mount ports that fit mixers, valves, sensors, dip tubes, and other instrumentation.   For any questions on CIP of mixing tanks, flush mount connections, or agitation please contact

poly tc mount           poly tc mount 2

Examples of Poly TC Connect for a USP VI Plastic Mix tank, and Novaseptic Millipore NA Connect Flush Mount fitting for stainless steel tank, and Broadley James instrument probe on a NA Connect.

poly mount mechanical mixer seals

TC Sanitary Stainless Steel TRI CLAMP fittings

tc sanitary steel mount

Temperature Range: With Buna-N Gasket: -30° to +200° F; With PTFE Gasket: -100° to +500° F; With Fluoroelastomer Gasket: -20° to +400° F. USP VI TC gaskets are standard.

TRI CLAMP CONNECTION: For a complete connection, you’ll need a clamp, a gasket, and two fittings or adapters.

Clamps—Made of Type 304 stainless steel, the type and size of the clamp dictates the amount of pressure a connection can with stand. The high pressure clamps are secured by two bolts and require a wrench to assemble.

Gaskets—The gasket material dictates the temperature range for the connection.


fluch mount clamp

tri clamp size

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